Radio Conference 2018 Inedei

A radio production by Cristina Marras


Cagliari Inedei (‘inedei’ the pronunciation of ‘in a day’ written in Italian) is a radio series compiled and presented by Cristina Marras that explores the essence of the city of Cagliari on the island of Sardinia. The series explores a fascination with repetitions, nonlinear narrations and with testing how much (or how little) we need in order to have a story. Each instalment consists of three people who, in turn, detail their actions and thoughts at seven specific moments of the day, starting from the first thing that they see when they open their eyes in the morning and ending with the last thought that they entertain before falling asleep at night.

For the occasion of the conference, Cristina will create Radio Conference Inedei. She will apply the Cagliari Inedei format with the intent of capturing something about the diversity and similarities of those attending the conference.

Don’t be alarmed if Cristina approaches you during the conference to ask you seven questions!

At lunch on Friday, Cristina will present Radio Conference Inedei.

Cristina Marras is a journalist and creator of audio installations and radio dramas. Her creations have been bought by PRX, KHSU, KUT, and the ABC. She is the creator of Cagliari Inedei for Radio X 96.8: Cagliari Social Radio