ECR & Postgrad. Student Workshop

10 July 2018


Cross-border Collaborations is an Early Career Researcher (ECR) and postgraduate student workshop scheduled prior to The Radio Conference 2018. The workshop will facilitate the formation of partnerships between ECR/Postgrad participants from across the world to collaboratively develop a research paper. Participants will receive conceptual, methodological and practical guidance, as well mentoring in academic paper composition. The event is comprised of two activity types:

(1) Masterclasses:  State of the Field, Conceptual Approaches and Collaborative Composition Skill-building

A panel of leading international scholars will outline and discuss the current state of radio and audio media research, highlighting new directions in theory and practice. Established scholars will also deliver presentations that outline conceptual approaches to cross-border collaborative research. A skill-building masterclass will also address the processes of co-authorship and publishing, as well as specific aspects of academic paper composition, such as: identifying and describing the research gap and paper scope, arranging the literature review, articulating the contention, defining key concepts, describing methodologies, and summarising data.


(2) Writing Workshops & Mentoring                                                                                            

Participants will briefly introduce their research interests and an idea for a collaborative research paper. Groups will be formed to workshop a selection of the proposed papers. Each pair/group will be supported by an expert mentor as they create an initial framework for a collaborative paper. We hope some groups will pursue their paper with the aim of submitting it to the 2019 ECREA Radio Research Conference and/or a journal or other outlet.



In addition to the development of collaborative research papers, the workshop aims to:

  • Provide ECRs & Postgrads with writing skills that support them towards publication

  • Create ongoing international partnerships between ECRs & Postgrads working in radio and audio media studies

  • Introduce ECRs & Postgrads to experienced scholars who may act as mentors

  • Further internationalise radio and audio media studies research and collaboration

  • Enhance links between The Radio Conference and the ECREA Radio Research Conference


Download PDF of Workshop Overview and Schedule HERE


Registration & Preparation

Information & Registration  

You can register as part of the conference registration system HERE

Registrations outside this system will be considered. Please email:

In preparation for the event please make a single PowerPoint slide that indicates your radio and audio media research interests, and an idea for a collaborative paper.


The PowerPoint template can be found HERE.

Submit slides prior to the workshop via email: 



090.0 - 10.00     Registration

10.00 - 10.10     Opening Remarks


10.10 - 11.00     Masterclass 1 - State of the Field

                                Panel presentation and discussion

11.00 - 11.30     Morning Break


11.30 - 12.15     Masterclass 2 - Conceptual Approaches
                                Comparative research as a mode of international collaboration

                                Transnational research and international collaboration


12.15 - 1.00       Masterclass 3 - Skill Building
                                Engaging in international co-authorship
                                Academic paper composition

1.00 - 1.45         Lunch


1.45 - 2.30         Workshop 1 - Paper Proposals
                                ECRs to present collaborative paper ideas


2.30 - 3.00         Afternoon Break (including discussion of paper ideas)


3.00 - 4.15         Workshop 2 - Group Work
                                Groups formed

                                Paper framework developed


4.15 - 4.30         Closing Remarks